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As a parent of a fencer, you are encouraged to attend meets and support the fencing team. Please bring your excitement and support to the team. We will work to keep you informed of any critical information and changes to the schedule so that you can stay updated.


All student-athletes must be registered with the school. Use the Register button below to complete the student registration process.

The first informational meeting will be held on (TBD)

Quick Reference for Parents and Athletes 

Here is a helpful list of things all parents of fencers need to know about. We have collected a list of valuable information and third-party websites in one place for your convenience. 

Please contribute to the fencing team and help us out by filling out the convenient form on the left. It's quick and simple to do.

When your fencer is ready to test their abilities in a tournament use the link to access teh Ask Fred website. It will provide you with all the information you need to enter tournaments and compete against fencers of all skill levels.

USA Fencing Association - Parents are encouraged to register their student fencers with the USFA so that they may enter tournaments and compete in other USFA activities. Use the link on the left to enroll in USFA.

If you're competing in tournaments you will love using this app to get the up-to-minute scores and rankings from the competition on your phone. 

The school will provide uniforms for those who do not have them. This includes everything needed for fencing: Whites, Lames, Gloves, Blades, and Helmet. However, we recommend purchasing your own gloves. The link to the left will bring you to absolute fencing which provides all fencing gear. 

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